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Beyond the Financial Plan

The plans we develop are dynamic, and are only as good as the extent to which they are monitored carefully and updated over time to ensure that our clients stay on track, and that they make changes in response to current and ever-changing conditions. This is a decision support model of planning, and the need to make decisions that affect our financial security never stops. As such, we see planning as an ongoing effort and not a one-and-done initiative.

Through timely updates and regular meetings, our unique fee-based ongoing financial planning program meets a diversity of needs, and offers personal coaching and support—you are not in this alone! Planning fees are time and complexity-based, beginning with an annual review, and moving toward the “family team” concept in which advisers attend to an increasingly comprehensive set of financial, personal, and family details.

Our goal is to help keep you and your family safe, informed, and on-track toward meeting your goals.

Ongoing Financial Planning Activities

(…to each according to their need!)

Below is a list of the areas we help address for our ongoing financial planning program clients as needed:

Comprehensive Reviews – staying on track

  • Check-in with your plan at intervals appropriate to you
  • Update information and assumptions for accurate projections
  • Compare plan projections to actual results
  • Join in collaborative, creative problem-solving

Investment strategy creation and review

  • Investment Portfolio X-Ray and analysis
  • Comprehensive Performance review
  • Asset allocation study, rebalancing options
  • Complete Investment Fee audit and fee-reduction options

Estate Planning

  • Inspecting and remembering details of trusts and wills
  • Estate and Inheritance tax planning and mitigation
  • Estate strategy and document review with your Attorney
  • Beneficiary designation check-up for life insurance, annuities, IRAs
  • Ethical Wills: share your values as well as your wealth

Risk Management and Insurance – keeping you protected

  • Insurance inventory and review – Life, Disability, Long Term Care.
  • Investment risk analysis using computer modeling
  • Health insurance, Medicare review/options
  • Property and Casualty – are you covered?

Tax planning -- opportunities and alternatives

  • Tax return review with your CPA (as needed).
  • Tax Loss Harvesting review
  • Investment tax-efficiency review
  • Health Savings Account Strategies
  • IRA/Roth contribution and conversion planning

Retirement Planning and Management

  • Retirement income strategy documentation and review
  • Review contributions/matches for employer plans
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) calculation and distribution assistance
  • Review of Employer Retirement Plans (asset allocation and performance)
  • Planning for pensions
  • Social Security planning

Cash Flow and Budgeting – track and manage your budget

  • Expense reporting and analysis, budget creation
  • Debt ratios and credit check-up
  • Liquidity/Emergency Fund assessment, management
  • Cash Management options

Staying Organized – everything in one place

  • Up to date balance sheet/financial position statement
  • Connecting all accounts to our planning matrix
  • Storage of all important documents in a secure, digital “vault”
  • Paper Management – going paperless, shredding assistance

Family matters

  • Family meeting facilitation
  • Family education and planning for next generation
  • Gifting strategies and options
  • Family relationships and money
  • Problem solving, communication strategies

Charitable planning

  • Philanthropic Plan Creation
  • Year-end giving strategies
  • Charitable giving vehicles -- Donor Advised Funds, CRTs, etc.
  • Family philanthropic education

College funding review

  • Review college savings plans: 529’s, UGMAs, etc.
  • Finding new college funding options
  • Financial Aid
  • Grandparents and college expense planning

Executive Benefits for Business Owners

  • Unique opportunities for consultants, professionals, and business owners
  • Carve-out pension and insurance plans for business owners and executives
  • Equity sharing options
  • Business succession planning

Real Estate Review

  • Residential property market value/tax assessment review
  • Exploring Financing options – Re-financing, HELOC, Reverse Mortgages
  • Home improvement considerations
  • Exploring downsizing, buy/rent decisions
  • Income property planning

Macro/microeconomics—connecting the dots

  • Recommended articles, books and lectures
  • Regular e-Newsletters: news and information
  • Informational lectures and seminars

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