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Fee-based financial planning is at the heart of everything we do at the Davis Financial Group. We believe in the primacy of the comprehensive financial plan to bring together and focus our clients’ investment, legal, tax, insurance and estate matters in a way that aligns both the empirical data, and our clients’ emotions around these issues to help direct them toward decisions that are truly “right” – for them.

We are passionate about the financial planning process and take very seriously our role as clients’ educators and advisors. Every day we see the way our work turns on the lights for our clients and provides clear pathways for our clients to take in pursuit of their goals.

By modelling every aspect of our clients’ financial lives, we help demonstrate how all the pieces of one’s finances are interconnected and interdependent. We then project the model out into the future to show the hypothetical results of various decision-making scenarios that illustrate clients’ goals and objectives, and we use these models to form the basis of a plan.

We see our role as that of the PCP (Primary Care Provider) of our clients’ financial lives, referring them to the appropriate specialists, and coordinating and quarterbacking their financial wellbeing. It is in this endeavor that perhaps the most important thing we do is to bring together all of our clients’ existing advisors—CPAs, bankers, attorneys—to help guide the work of each advisor, and ensure their entire professional team is around the table, on the same page, utilizing the most up-to-date and complete data, and dedicated to supporting and advancing their interests.

The plans we create direct whatever additional work we do for clients in the area of investment management, insurance services or estate planning, and helps direct the work of our clients’ other advisers as well. Our unique approach involves working closely with our clients over the course of their lives to help them achieve their goals and understand, preserve, grow, value and share their assets—and their values.

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