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Traditional Investments

The Davis Financial Group provides customized fee based investment management services that are meant to allow us to match solutions to client need, whether in Qualified (retirement) accounts or taxable, individual investment accounts. Here are the five main offerings:

Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions

In partnership with blue chip institutions like BNY Mellon, U.S. Trust, MassMutual Trust CO., and other boutique firms, we provide full management of stock and bond portfolios, trust company services, mortgages, and personal banking. Personal portfolio managers work hand in hand with our in-house advisers, and coordinate closely with the financial planning process and clients’ other advisers, such as CPAs and Attorneys. Minimum investment is $1 million.

Fee-Based Mutual Fund Wrap Accounts

These are no commissions accounts with an annual account-based management fee that provide strategic, targeted portfolios that map to our clients’ specific needs. There is a wide variety of these accounts, that includes Investment Company-specific accounts (such as American Funds), accounts that use a “best of breed” model, and others that are topical and thematically coordinated, such as our Socially Responsible Investment portfolio. These Funds are generally actively managed, though the best of breed models employ index funds where appropriate.

ETF Portfolios

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) trade like securities, but are in fact based entirely on an index (such as the S&P 500)*, the value of which they track. There are many ETFs, more all the time, as the number of indexes increases and more and more companies fill into the space. These are “passive” investments in that they represent an index and so at best can track the value of that index, and cannot beat it. More and more investors are saying that the lower cost of ETFs offsets the often quixotic quest for alpha in mutual funds. We offer a number of fee-based managed ETF portfolios that match investors’ risk tolerance and time horizon, and are rebalanced periodically. Some of these portfolios have an active management aspect in that there will be tactical adjustments to the blend of asset classes depending on the investment environment and economic conditions, while others are purely “strategic“ in nature.

Municipal Bond Portfolios

We offer clients managed Municipal bond portfolios (often in the form of bond ladders). For accounts holding individual bonds, the account size minimum is $500,000. There are other managed bond options that allow for smaller account sizes.

Unit Investment Trusts, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Annuities, and Alternatives.  For special planning circumstances, we can establish accounts that either provide income or provide additional diversification for a clients’ overall holdings.

*Individuals cannot invest directly in an Index.

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