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  • Age 50 or older?
  • Currently single (widowed, divorced, separated, never married, or don’t have a life partner)?
  • Don’t have adult children who could provide help as you age, when needed?

The Soloist is a Newsletter that Addresses Your Needs. As Solos grow older, they need a plan for realizing their hopes, meeting their needs, and dealing with the challenges that often come with aging. That’s true for anyone, but it’s especially important when you’re a Solo. If you don’t have a plan, other people will have to make decisions for you, without any clue as to your preferences or wishes.

Welcome to The Soloist, a newsletter from Davis Financial Group, where we share information, expertise, interviews, and stories to help Solos live well, take good care of themselves, and make wise choices for their future.

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It began back in 2013. Manhattanite Wendl Kornfeld, then age 65, had been thinking a lot about what would happen as she and her husband aged. They didn’t have children. All the more reason for them to make a plan for whatever lay ahead.

About one-quarter of adults over age 65 are Solo, and the percentage is even larger among the oldest age groups. Yet many Solos feel like freaks. They live in a world where it’s assumed that you, like other older adults, have children and grandchildren who will play an active role as you age.

Financial planners, estate lawyers, Aging Life Care™ Managers, accountants and daily money managers— there’s a whole cadre of professionals just beginning to awaken to the Solo population.

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