Testimonials From Our Clients


I was reluctant to engage a financial planner because I was afraid that it would show that I had really screwed up -- I didn’t need anyone blaming me for my mistakes, I do a good job of that myself! But working with the Davis Financial Group has been nothing like that – they are compassionate and patient, and thanks to them I’ve learned so much (I didn’t know a stock from a bond, and now I even know what an ETF is!). Now that I better understand the reality of my situation, I’m not more stressed out – to the contrary, I am able to relax and enjoy life more than ever. And even buy that coat I’ve been eyeing for months because I know it won’t do irreparable harm to my future!


I am so grateful for the Davis Financial Group’s expertise, and most importantly their compassion. I was reluctant to engage a financial planner because I was afraid it would stress me out to see all the ways I assumed I’d been screwing up. But to the contrary, it has actually helped me relax and enjoy life more than ever because now I have a handle on my situation.


I am grateful my husband brought me and all our “stuff” to a financial planner; he had always done everything himself, and I knew nothing. After he died, not only was everything in place, but I had the knowledge and confidence to assume responsibility for things like managing the budget and paying bills, and I continued to work with my planner in areas of investing, taxes, and planning for our children’s future after I’m gone. Having the Davis Financial Group “in my corner” helped me feel so much less alone.

Our Team

Managing Partner

Allen Davis, CFP®

Financial Planner and Advisor

Lou Davis

Financial Services Representative

Joanna Ballantine

Office Manager

Carol Valade

Client Relationship Manager

Ellen Carey

All of us at the Davis Financial Group are committed to values of integrity, honesty, objectivity, respect, thoroughness, empowerment, and an open mind. We care deeply about the well-being of our clients, as well as the world we share, and are proud to support many community organizations including:

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