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Insurance Services

Protecting yourself, your loved ones, your business and your other assets against unexpected events is a fundamental element of financial planning. At the Davis Financial Group, evaluating risks and determining the proper insurance coverage to mitigate those risks is an essential part of our comprehensive planning process.

Whether it’s to protect against a disability that keeps you or a family member from earning an income, a death that would have negative financial consequences for loved ones (or business partners), or a long-term illness or condition that requires home-based or institutional personal care and support, insurance plays a critical role in the “risk management” of your financial life.

Similarly, investment strategies can be rife with risks that can be mitigated by life insurance. When treated as an asset class, the tax-sheltered environment of a whole life insurance policy can help to maximize investment growth and further diversify and de-correlate your investment strategy. And, the cash value in these policies can be used for emergencies, as well as for opportunities, and to help pay for kids’ college or supplement your retirement income, and do so in a highly tax-advantaged way.

Through our comprehensive planning process, the Davis Financial Group identifies and analyzes your risk factors and makes suitable, unbiased and non-provider specific recommendations as part of your overall financial plan.

The Davis Financial Group utilizes the following insurance products in its recommended protection strategies:

  • Individual and Survivorship Term and Whole Life Insurance
  • Individual Disability Income Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Lifetime Income and Accumulation-Oriented Annuities

Insurance for Business Owners

Much like the many other areas of financial planning, business owners face unique challenges when it comes to insurance planning and transferring risk. The Davis Financial Group specializes in insurance planning for business owners and presents appropriate strategies in the areas of:

  • Key Person Insurance
  • Business Succession Planning through Buy-Sell Life and Disability Insurance
  • Group Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Group Disability Income Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance

When it comes time to implement the insurance recommendations in a financial plan, the Davis Financial Group works with a wide variety of insurers to help clients find, evaluate and put in place the coverage that best meets their specific needs.

As is often the case, the process of applying for insurance can be arduous and emotionally laden. However, because the Davis Financial Group works with our clients and their families on a highly personal basis, we are well suited to shepherd clients through the process in the most pain-free, surprise-free manner as possible and present a variety of options for risk mitigation and transference if gaining insurance is not possible.

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