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Financial planning is work that requires many skills from a team of practicing professionals. Planners must have a deep knowledge of financial instruments, “the markets,” insurance, retirement saving methods, business succession planning, estate and income tax matters, regulatory and compliance issues, and the ability to conduct research, analyze data and use sophisticated financial software and projection tools.

However, it’s the ability to synthesize all this information and educate clients on how all the pieces of their financial life are interrelated and interdependent that is the mark of a truly skilled financial planner.

The Davis Financial Group prides itself on the collaborative and highly personal way we work with our clients. There is often so much shame, stigma and fear involved in thinking – let alone talking about – money issues. Our work focuses on first creating a comfortable environment and building trust with our clients by really getting to know them, collecting information about them and their families at a very granular level, and learning about their history with money, how they typically make decisions, and discussing their hopes, dreams and fears.

We then “turn the lights on” for our clients by teaching them about the nature and position of their current situation and showing them ways that, with some informed decision-making, they can improve on it so as to build the present and future they want for themselves.

Certainly, good financial planning takes skill, intellect, knowledge, instinct and math, but great financial planning also involves empathy, understanding, acceptance and hope. We feel that each member of the Davis Financial Group team encompasses all these traits and puts them to use every day helping to improve the lives of each of our clients.

Allen Davis, CFP®

Managing Partner

(413) 584-3098 x11

(413) 584-0160

Allen feels that his early training in the arts and humanities was excellent preparation for his work as a financial planner, the most fulfilling work he has ever done. He has supplemented his BA (Temple University) and MA...

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Lou Davis

Financial Planner and Advisor

(413) 584-3098 x16

(413) 584-0160

Lou began his career as a financial planner in 2011 when he joined Allen at the Davis Financial Group. Attracted by the idea of combining his passion for problem solving and his love of people, Lou saw planning as a way of utilizing...

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Ellen Carey

Client Relationship Manager

Ellen Montague Carey joined The Davis Financial Group in 2018. She is the Client Relationship Manager and Coordinator of Business Development for the practice. Ellen brings 18 years of experience working in the Financial Services...
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Joanna Ballantine

Financial Services Representative

Joanna S. Ballantine is a Financial Services Representative with the Davis Financial Group. As part of the Davis Financial team, Joanna works to serve clients throughout the Pioneer Valley, Berkshires and beyond. Her role includes...

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Will Harrison

Financial Planner

(413) 584-3098 x13

Will joined the Davis Financial Group in early 2018 as a financial planner and investment advisor. After graduating from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY in 2008, he got his start in the financial industry at a private municipal...

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